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Following the success of the summer camps launched in July we will be looking to run more during August, with new camps starting from Monday 10th August.  The camps will be fun and social as well as helping you improve your game and will provide an opportunity for our new members to meet existing members.

There will sessions for different level of players, held at different times of the day, club sessions will also be brought back, and we hope, in time to be able to run some internal tournaments and events.

Adult Camps

Each session runs for 90 minutes and there are between 8 and 12 places available and we will need a minimum of 4 participants to run the sessions.  Even though restrictions have been lifted slightly we will continue to run with one coach per 4 on a court for most camps.

The additional camps will run for 3 weeks and each session will be £20.  As a member you can also sign up a friend to join you, the fee for non-members will be £25 per session, if you have a friend that is interested please email

Members are asked to sign up in advance to help with the preparation of the sessions, sign up will close 2 days before the session starts.  The camps are live on court reserve.  There are three adult camps for different levels of players and a junior camp for kids aged 14 to 17.  We have also added in a drills/shot of the week session on a Friday afternoon.

There are four adult camps for different levels of players.  If you are not sure which camp suits you best, please reach out to CJ and Katie via email @

Base Play

Who its for?  Aimed at players who are new to the game or a little rusty. Learn the Basics in three weeks, serve, rallying and understand scoring

Week 1 – Getting active, meeting other players and having fun. Try all the shots in tennis and practice rallying and playing some points

Week 2 – Develop your shots, practice serves and returns and understand court positioning

Week 3 – Learn basic singles and doubles tactics, teamwork and how to put it all together

Practice makes Perfect

Who is it for? Aimed at players who are looking to improve their game with a focus on technique and understanding, lots of ball striking, medium intensity.  Intermediate players.

Week 1 – Learn specific technique on groundstrokes, serves, returns and volleys to help with consistency. Singles and doubles tactics

Week 2 – Develop technique with emphasis on consistency, spin, direction, and depth.  Emphasis on correct footwork and court awareness.   Introducing patterns of play for both singles and doubles.

Week 3- Overall review of strokes and how they relate to tactical plans.  Matchplay tactics.

Competition Tennis

Who is it for? Competitive team players who play regularly

Week 1 – High energy and intensive drills to challenge all participants.  Concentrating on accuracy of strokes, hitting with tempo and spin.

Week 2 – Working on patterns of play for singles and doubles, attacking and defending situations including advanced footwork patterns

Week 3 – Work on tactics and strategies to take you game to the next level, work on taking the ball on the rise and playing aggressive tennis.

Drills/Shot of the week

A 1.5-hour session each week focusing on specific shots.  Week 1 will be groundstrokes, week 2 serve & return and week 3 will be net play.  You can sign up for all three or just choose the one you want to work on.  As this will be a drill session there will be 6 on a court with a coach.  For advanced or intermediate players.  Beginners or improvers should sign up for the base camp.

We hope that after each session attendees will hang out together and socialise at the club (in line with social distancing guidelines!)

CampLevelDay & TimeSession 1Session 2Session 3Cost per session
Base Play – Evening Camp 2BeginnersMon 19:00 to 20:3010 Aug17 Aug24 Aug£20.00
Practice makes perfect – Morning Camp 2IntermediateTues 10:30 to 12:0011 Aug18 Aug25 Aug£20.00
Competition Tennis – Morning Camp 2AdvancedThurs 10:30 to 12:0013 Aug19 Aug26 Aug£20.00
Practice makes perfect – Evening Camp 2IntermediateThurs 19:00 to 20:3013 Aug20 Aug27 Aug£20.00
Drill/Shot of the weekAdvanced/IntermediateFriday 15:00 to 16:3014 Aug21 Aug28 Aug£12.00

Juniors 14-17 Camp

We will be running a Junior camp for kids aged 14-17.  Each session will focus on different parts of the game and will enable players of a similar age to meet up and spend some time on court together.  Kids aged 3 to 14 can sign up for our other junior camps, further information can be found here.

CampLevelDay & TimeSession 1Session 2Session 3Cost per session
Junior Camp 2 – Afternoon Camp 2IntermediateWeds 15:00 to 16:3012 Aug19 Aug26 Aug£20.00

What else is on offer…

Club Sessions

Courts are held at various times during the week for members to sign up and play doubles, some sessions will be self organised and others will be part-organised.  Playing level intermediate plus.

  • Monday Club Morning from 8:30 to 10:00am.
  • Tuesday Club Evening from 7:00 to 8:30pm.
  • Friday Club Morning from 8:30 to 10:00am.
  • Friday Club Evening from 7:00 to 8:30pm.
  • Saturday Club Afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00pm.

Please ensure you sign up on Court Reserve and do not just turn up, and if you are no longer able to attend please cancel your place ASAP so others can take it. All have a waitlist so if the session is full put your name on the waitlist and if anyone pulls out you will automatically be added to the session.

There are also Improver, Intermediate and Cardio sessions throughout the week for a small fee:

  • Monday Improvers from 1:00 to 2:00pm
  • Tuesday Intermediates from 3:00 to 4:30pm
  • Wednesday Cardio Tennis from 9:00 to 10:00am
  • Friday Cardio Tennis from 9:00 to 10:00am
  • Saturday Improvers from 1:00 to 2:00pm

Internal Tournaments

The Fast (and Furious) Adult singles box league is going well with 49 matches played so far.

We are also hoping to run some internal fun tournaments for all members over the bank holiday weekend, including a family/junior tournament and an American Tournament for all members.   Further information will follow on when those are and how you can sign up.

This is a new venture for the club in these special times, so hopefully many of you will take advantage of what’s on offer and we have a great summer together.