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Westside Pyramids

The new pyramids have been setup to provide more active competitive games throughout the course of the year.


  • Select who you want to challenge
  • Agree a date and time and book a court
  • Format is 2 short sets and a champs TB decider
  • Submit the score
  • Challenge to your left and above to move up the pyramid
  • Ignore a challenge and you will drop down the pyramid!


  • After matches start the pyramid is then adjusted based on wins.
  • If you beat someone a tier above you, then you take their place and they move one position to the right.
  • Results are submitted to the LTA using your BTM number via the standard tournament software and the LTA work out if there have been any ratings wins.
  • Every 30 days the system moves a player down one whole tier if they have not played an opponent below them.