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Junior Tennis Term-Time

Autumn 2024 Classes

Your child will be put into the correct group session for their age and ability. We have a structure in place to help every child progress and reach their ultimate potential.

Our coaching programme is designed to support all level of player from those that want to play for fun to those that want to compete regularly.

The experienced coaching team makes sure all sessions are packed full of fun in a challenging environment that allows your child to reach their potential.

Small group sizes of maximum 6 players per coach.

Following player assessment, juniors are put into the most suitable group for their tennis needs. Each group runs throughout the year (with the exception of a few weeks at Christmas, Easter and Summer holiday period) and has an assigned coach (+ assistants when required) and they take responsibility for the group and communicating with parents, including advice on the next stages of development. Players are also given advice on competitions to play in, levels of training needed to reach their goals and parents meetings to gather feedback, discuss issues and make improvements for the future.

The “LTA Youth” system is used to develop junior tennis players from 3 – 18 years old. For players to fully develop their game from an early age, the Red, Orange and Green stages gradually teach tactical, technical, physical and mental elements of the game on smaller courts using slower balls to make it easier for everyone.

Autumn 2024 Classes

The full coaching class timetable is available for players to book onto via the link above. Please note that if you want to register for a class you must apply for an account on the clubs booking software, Court Reserve. This will give you an option to have a “coaching membership” of the club, this will enable non members to access the high level tennis coaching at Westside.


Please note “coaching membership” is only for the coaching sessions, this means you can only be onsite when you are playing. Private lessons are accessible to but only at 24hrs advance booking. If you have any questions please contact Mark at

Full LTA Information

Within each of these stages, players are grouped by age and ability, so that players can progress at their own pace and make the most out of every lesson.

Private coaching

We offer individual or group private lessons for players looking to improve technical stoke production and tactical awareness These sessions are available for members and non members..  Please contact a coach if you wish to book private lessons or hitting sessions.