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Competitive Tennis

Competitive Tennis

Playing tennis matches regularly substantially improves match play ability. Hitting tennis balls or playing points for fun is great for working on specific tennis strokes. However, the benefits of playing matches are even greater if matches are structured to push a player out of his or her comfort zone.

Club Championships

The Annual Club Championships (Adult and Junior) are scheduled across 3 weeks in September and are scheduled outside of the normal League fixtures to enable full participation by members. Playing matches in the ladder is great a way to meet people of similar playing standard and an opportunity to make new connections at the club.

Fun and competitive, there are singles, doubles and mixed double events for a wide range of age groups and playing abilities.


  • Men’s Singles and Doubles
  • Women’s Singles and Doubles
  • Over 45 Men’s and Women’s Singles
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Combined Over 90 Doubles
  • U14 Boys and Girls Singles
  • U12 Boys and Girls Singles
  • 10U Singles
  • 9U Singles
  • 8U Singles


Westside LTC runs a very successful tennis ladder for all levels of player and all age groups. The ladder is fun and competitive way to play tennis. Player’s are assigned to a position within a ladder. These positions determine who plays who at any given point, then allowing players to ‘challenge up’ in order to climb the up ladder by beating higher ranked opponents.

The ladder is run online and gives players great feedback on their progress.

  • How you are doing
  • What your ranking is
  • Who you can challenge
  • The record of your opponents

Social Tournaments

We run various social tennis events throughout the year, including fun or themed tournaments. These events are organised by our social sub-committee and other member volunteers.

Benefits of competing

Improved Match Play

There are certain aspects of tennis that are difficult to simulate while practicing. Match toughness is one of them. Knowing when to take risks and how to manage points only comes from playing matches. As you play more matches, it becomes easier to pinpoint your technical weaknesses.

Better Concentration

Concentration is one of the hardest aspects of tennis to practice. Even the most disciplined club players have trouble focusing during a casual hitting session. Typically, concentration drops as we fatigue. Playing a match puts players in situations where they have to focus on winning, whether it’s winning the next point, the next game or set.

Connect with Others

One of the benefits of playing tennis is connecting with friends. Playing matches is great a way to meet people and make new connections.

Set Goals

Having a goal goes a long way in achieving progress. This is particularly true in improving your tennis game. Playing in a ladder provides you with a concrete way to set and meet tennis goals. Players have more fun, focused, and targeted practices knowing that they have a match coming up.